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We are proud to partner with the Energy Saving Network who help a large number of people each week claim FREE GOV.UK grants for Insulation, Central Heating and Renewables.

What is it the Energy Saving Network do?

The Energy Saving Network is the UK’s helpful answer to accessing all the latest Government funding to improve your insulation, heating and renewable needs:

A national energy-saving solution company partnered with a network of energy-saving experts providing a whole home approach to insulating your home and upgrading heating systems or renewables. Identifying what measures can be installed by undertaking a survey and Energy Performance Report using free Government funding.

Recommended measures will then be advised to help achieve the highest rating on the properties Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

If tenants or homeowners do not qualify for free Government funding, we can provide quotes for works to help achieve the highest EPC rating

Who can we help?
If your home’s EPC is rated E, F or G or have no current certificate and the correct combination is met within our qualifying criteria below then you’re likely to qualify!

Qualifying Criteria:

⛔ Your property energy rating must be rated E,F or G or have no current EPC.

⛔ Suitable for homes currently heated with Electric, Oil or LPG

⛔ Gas properties qualify if they have Back Boilers or Non Condensing Boilers only

⛔ Combi Boilers DO NOT QUALIY

‼ Funding is available if you or someone in your household meets the following criteria;

✅ Household income is below £31,000 and you can evidence this with payslips, bank statements or P45/060


✅ Someone in the household who suffers from the following & can get a letter signed by their GP; A cardiovascular condition, A respiratory disease, Limited mobility, or Immunosuppression


✅ Someone in the household is in receipt of benefits

– Universal Credit
– Child Tax Credit
– Working Tax Credit
– Pension Credit
– Housing Benefit
– Child Benefit (Income thresholds apply)
– Income Support
– Income based Jobseekers Allowance
– Income related Employment & Support Allowance

✅ If you’re a tenant, we contact your landlord/agent for permission to help lower your energy bills

✅ All applications subject to survey

Who governs the scheme?

The whole process is overseen by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electric Markets). Ofgem is a non-ministerial government department and an independent national regulatory authority. Their objective is to protect the interest of the consumers and is responsible for delivering and regulating government schemes, such as this one

Who pays for the funding?

The Energy Saving Network are a national energy saving solution company who partner with a network of energy saving experts. They can help you access all the latest funding to reduce your bills, save energy and carbon emissions. In addition, help you to achieve new energy efficiency standards by accessing up to 100% free Government funding.

Common misconceptions:

“I’m in a rented property, it’s the landlords responsibility”
– Untrue. Both homeowners AND tenants qualify for this scheme to help lower your energy bills and stay warmer.

“I’m not on benefits so I don’t qualify”
– Not always the case. Qualifying criteria can be based on income level, household composition, vulnerability or high heating costs.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”
– Grants are not a loan, you won’t have to pay anything back and there are no complicated terms & conditions.

Why choose the Energy Saving Network?

  • Fast application process
  • UK Government scheme
  • Scheme regulated by Ofgem
  • Grants are NOT a loan
  • Full data protection
  • NO complicated terms & conditions
  • All installers are Trustmark endorsed

↘ All work is carried out by a trusted and highly trained network of installers ↙

Drop us an email and we will arrange with the Energy Saving Network to carry out a free check to find out if you & your home may qualify for a 100% all costs covered energy saving government grant.